Meet the Owner

Alyssa Flores

Alyssa Flores, a serial entrepreneur, is the President / CEO of Scottsdale-based Medical Device USATM, a national distribution company with a focus on medical device sales.

Alyssa’s background started with business and marketing at Fresno State University.  While living in California, her career launched in manufacturing, and upon moving to  Arizona she fell in love with the banking and finance industries which ultimately led her to CSQ BioTM and the development of Medical Device USATM.

You can view some of Alyssa’s other ventures here:

In line with her calling for helping others, Alyssa is also fiercely passionate about raising money for those who are less fortunate. In June 2016, Alyssa created the Alyssa James Foundation. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the foundation seeks to make a profound difference in Arizona by raising money for those in need and supporting causes for animals, education, the elderly, the homeless, addiction, veterans, and youth.

She currently sits on the board for “We’re Moving Forward”.

Above all, Alyssa is committed to making a difference for others, a mission that is integral to her many professional and charitable pursuits.

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